The Struggle To Stay Consistent — Is It Just Me?

Blame it on the endless scrolling on Instagram or the glamorous hustle culture that my favourite series showcase or the imbalance in my doshas, I find my mind racing, desiring to excel in 10 areas of life and yet feel grounded and able to strike the work-life balance. I want to have a spick and span home, a well-fed and behaved toddler, nail it at my job, do my yoga, walks, pranayama, run a blog on IG, write poems, write on Medium, bake, learn water painting, read all the unread books that are gathering dust on the shelf, every day! If you think this is exhaustive, this dear reader is just the tip of the iceberg. Add to it, the desire to learn a new instrument, upskill at work, professional networking, decluttering, gardening and well….I comfortably assume you get my state of mind. This has been my story for years now, and yes, I know this drive has not been good for me at all. Over the years, it has led to –

  1. Not even being able to be a jack of all at any of these tasks
  2. Mental exhaustion (Some days, are simply agonizing for the mind, body and soul)
  3. Too many expectations with self and failing at them terribly
  4. Too many unachieved personal and professional goals
  5. No visible growth or change in me as a person
  6. Self-doubt and eventual drop in self-esteem because of not being able to complete my goals
  7. Comparison with others (yes! I can’t deny that)
  8. Not being able to focus and nurture my relationships (as a daughter, wife, mother and friend)

And just like my desire to be everywhere the outcomes (not at all positive) have been endless too.

Now there, I am glad that I called a spade a spade and yet as I type I wonder, is that the solution? Well, not really. The key I have realized is, consistency. And yet I have been unable to inculcate it in my life and as a part of my personality, because well, like invaluable things in life, consistency demands –

  1. Time ( Slow and steady wins the race, remember?)
  2. Focus
  3. Patience
  4. Dedication
  5. Prioritization

And so, to be able to master a skill or have a work-life balance or ace at work and as a consequence have an increased self–esteem, confidence and sense of achievement, I need to put at back burner many (unrealistic) goals, targets and tasks that I have set for myself.

The change I want to see is not if I have been able to learn an instrument or bake 15 new dishes or got that promotion or lost those love handles all in one go. The change that I want to see in me is the ability to show up every day, come rain hail storm.

In the words of James Clear, “Success is the product of daily habits — not once-in-a-lifetime transformations.”

Thus, even if it is something seemingly insignificant like drinking a glass of water as soon as I wake up, I want to do that rather than aim to scale the highest peak and swim across the vast ocean. I want to know how it feels to be consistent rather than worry about if the goal is achieved or not. The process over the goal set.

The next 7 days here are 3 things that I wish to do consistently –

  1. Read 5 pages of any book every day
  2. Pranayama (A breathing exercise routine) every day at 7:00 AM
  3. Walk/ Step Out for 30 minutes every day from 7:30 AM — 8: 00 AM

There, not such tall tasks and yet for the kind of lifestyle I have been following, it is a bit of a challenge, albeit an easily achievable one but I need to show up.

How would it go? I am curious too. The feeling of achieving the habit of being consistent. But I will definitely share it with you.

Are you in the same boat as me? Jump in, share your challenges, and maybe together we can learn to ace the consistency game!




A human, hu-mom, dog mom, building my career in 30’s. This is my space about all things that amuse me!

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A human, hu-mom, dog mom, building my career in 30’s. This is my space about all things that amuse me!

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